01 April 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 06:24 When everything is wrong... I'm trying to just move along. Need mental health day off work.
  • 08:12 This day is proving to be a worthy adversary but I have won the battle thus far. The war is still being waged. More reports from the front
  • 08:36 I have to take my V02 max test again today. This FD doesn't understand that you can't really change a VO2 max number in 3 months.
  • 08:38 Technically it's not a real test. It's a mathematical estimate of what my VO2 max should be given BMI & max heart rate over time.
  • 09:34 Got 29 and change on m VO2 max test. Dept. Standard is 38. Ask me if I care.
  • 09:37 Anyone want to hire a medic full time? Prospects need good health plan and pay.
  • 09:40 I lie to the public when they ask if my job is exciting. It's not, and I wish we had more fires to fight. I'm bored
  • 10:12 I am feeling Verbose today, and this is Tweet 3000 for me. Thanks for putting up with me ;)
  • 11:09 What's worse than killing a patient? Trying to hide it: is.gd/pWUy (via @kevinmd)
  • 13:00 Training at Nortons Commons. Preplan strategies & tactics. Yawn.
  • 16:57 Back from gym. Truck washed. Last shift left us with nothing to dry the engine so it will hang on the line for an hour or more.
  • 17:05 Congradulations on the new Class. Who did you get for lead instructor?
  • 17:23 Dear Facebook iPhone App, Why can't I share links? Easy, simple add to next update. Ok, thanks.
  • 18:11 Why the Monkey? 091/365 Nortons Commons tinyurl.com/d7ef3d
  • 18:38 I have determined that the Submaximal VO2 max test is a joke. Tried to convince department to get a real VO2 Max test. No takers yet
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