02 June 2009

What are you reading?

I have been following a large variety of medical blogs. Most of them are related to emergency medicine, but a few are not. Here is my current list of medical blogs I follow (and so should you).

Crass-Pollination Nurse K is absolutely funny, and very sarcastic. You can follow her on Twitter also @ernursek

A Day in the life of an ambulance driver Funny and insightful, he has recently published a book called En Route .

The EMT Spot a great learning resource for all levels of prehospital medicine. You need to subscribe to this one.

Paramedicine 101 I shouldn't really need to describe this blog, it is exactly as the name states. Very useful information here. Read daily.

Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic I really blame Mr. Canning for my interest in EMS. I read his book Paramedic back in 1999. I am also from Connecticut and I knew the areas he was writing about. You really need to read both of his books.

Rouge Medic This guy knows his science. Don't try to argue a point without your facts and the foot notes to back up your statements. Excellent use of science based medicine.

Doctor Grumpy in the House Dr. Grumpy is a neurologist. His patients are freaking hysterical. I had not idea people could be this senseless. Make a friend, bring the good Doctor a diet coke.

Random Acts of Reality a Paramedic from across the pond, Tom Reynolds has a very interesting outlook on life. His first book Blood, Sweat and Tea, was a gem. His follow up should be available any day now More Blood, More Sweat and more Tea.

On the Clock moving stories from an English major in college who also enjoys the thrill of riding in the back of the ambulance. She really is a good writer.

That's all for now. It might take you a few days to read enough of the blogs to get a feel. I'll add them to my 'Blog Roll' and more when I get a chance.

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