26 August 2008


I am a strange mixture of Daoist and budhist. Balance is very important to maintain. Daoism teaches yin and yang. Polar opposites that exert equal influence on the subject, thus maintaining balance.

Today I feel the influence of both yin & yang. I am a technology geek. I like my fancy phone and I like playing on computers. I am addicted to facebook, twitter and this blog (even if it doesn't appear like I post a lot). I think all these social networking web sites are a good thermometers of the society.

Nature, camping, outdoors and other earthly activities. I really enjoy the solitude found in the middle of nature. Complete seperation from the proverbial rat race, surviving on the land. This sounds like a testosterone influenced dream. I was in a happy place in the Scottish Highlands. I can't wait to return. My wife and I wish to take a camping trip, and I was hiking as often as I could before paramedic class took over my free time. I still want to go camping, hiking, caving, canoeing, climbing, rappelling and all sorts of other outdoors things. Hopefully when I finish this I can take some of these hobbies back. Our dogs really liked the hikes in the parks. They would like to go hiking again.

This is my example of yin & yang. Yes I want both at the same time. Patience is a virtue.


The twitter blogs (which update my facebook status) are the end result of my brain running free and an outlet to spew my blackness unto the world. Environmental factors also apply. Lack of sleep is a major factor. Exhaustion is like many other mental impairments (alcohol, recreational drugs). The brain runs wild and the filter that society forces on us is off lookng for a munchie fix.

Yes this is me liberated from you. Welcome. Stay a while.

25 August 2008

The question posted above in large type font is Why the Monkey?

Lexington Fire Department has a "mascot" per sae. Some creative individual decided to poke fun at the Rescue company in Lexington. Thus we have Rescue Monkey. I am not a member of LFD but I appreciate the effort and humor. I am one of the rescue guys on my own fire department, and I am the #2 to the rescue guru. So I have adopted rescue monkey, because I am tired, I get little sleep, and I don't have time to produce my platoon's logo for rescue. The previous post is our official platoon logo that I created. Yes we are the black sheep and thats the way we like it.

Learn more about rescue monkey here

Not for kids. You must be this tall to ride.

Eddie Izzard's clip on the Death Star canteen. Funny, very funny.